Who else wants to make money selling to worldwide buyers? It does not matter if you are in Phillipines, Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan. Many ordinary people from your region have done so. You can earn money doing the same too.

Check out our guide on how Filipinos, Singaporeans, Japanese and ordinary people from around the world can earn money via Etsy.

Follow these steps to start your own Etsy shop to start making money in US dollars. No start-up fee needed (see the link below to get free listing).

  1. Figure Out What to Sell
    So, how do you come up with the idea of what to sell? Start by answering these three questions.

  2. Name Your Etsy Shop
    It’s tempting to shove all of the words your market uses into your business name, but do not do that. The best shop names are three words or fewer.

  3. Get Your Products Ready and Take Photos
    Start small and branch out from there. You don’t need to rush out right now to find bulk supplier or a wholesaler for all of your craft supplies. You don’t need to stock your shop with tens of items.

    Start simple and small. Just list 1-5 items right now. You’ll want to focus on an awesome product description first.

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    Take Sell-able Product Photos. You don’t need an expensive DSLR to take a nice photo. Most of the sellers started with their smartphones, and we suggest you do the same. Neutral backgrounds always perform better than busy backgrounds.

  4. Open Your Etsy Shop and Create Your Listing – most importantly you need to actually start your shop! No more excuses. Do it now or you will never start at all. Get 40 free listing here.

    Click here to open your Etsy Shop and create your first listing

What Others In Your Region Are Selling

  1. Trinkets and Silver linings. High quality handmade jewelries have lots of customers these days. For parties and occasions.
  2. Hand made watch. Custom hand made watches have many designs to choose from. This can be use for business, daily wear and for party purposes.
  3. Beads. Beads was hand cut and hand dyed. Texture and color can vary slightly from one strand to another, naturally occurring marks and wood grain may show.

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